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Coral Reef Scarf


Brand Ichcha

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This blue and coral, plant-dyed scarf is inspired by the beautiful coral reefs in our oceans. Hand-dyed in a process of natural colors and joined somewhere in the middle, this scarf has a story makers Ichcha wants to tell. Through their textiles, they want to bring awareness around the coral reefs dying. The waters are warming up, our oceans are being polluted, and there is so much overfishing — all of this is killing coral reefs around the world and at an alarming rate. As the coral reefs die, coastlines become more prone to flooding from hurricanes, storms, and cyclones. Also, without the coral reefs, the ocean will not be able to absorb as much carbon dioxide, leaving more of it in the atmosphere.

Fabric is 25% silk and 75% cotton and measures 36" x 78".