Ethiopia Handloom Wrap Scarf


This oversized, unisex scarf is made of pure Ethiopian cotton and finished with hand knotted fringe. The variegated colors throughout the shawl make these pieces truly unique. Inspired by the ancient weaving traditions of Ethiopia, the weavers create exquisite textiles using natural fibers. The beauty of hand-spun thread is a rare commodity in our quickly changing world of mechanized textile factories. From the spinning of the thread to the weaving of the fabric, the process is done entirely by hand. The skill of hand spinning is passed down from mother to daughter and most rural women spin at their homes for extra income.

Fair Trade + handmade with love in Ethiopia. Material: 100% Cotton dyed using low-impact, AZO-free, REACH certified reactive dyes. Measures 80" L x 27" W. Care: Machine wash in cold water, hang dry and iron. Do not bleach.

As with all handwoven textiles, there are slight variations making each piece a work of art and truly one-of-a-kind.