Tsachila Baby Blanket - Ash


Crafted with little ones in mind, the Tsachila baby blanket brings a special touch to life's most treasurable moments shared with your little bundles of joy. Named after a community in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, the Tsachila baby blanket makes for a unique accent piece and baby shower gift. Its size and texture are perfect for bringing comfort and beauty in the nursery, on stroller outings, for tummy time, outdoor play, and more.

Ethically made and beautifully designed by indigenous artisans from the highlands of Ecuador, these blankets are warm, soft, have reversible colors, and are easy to care for. Made of 100% recycled, hypoallergenic acrylic in Ecuador. Hand wash or machine wash cold on the gentle cycle and tumble dry in low heat. For stains, blot and absorb the liquid as best as you can and wash immediately to prevent the stain from setting into the fibers.