The UFO Hotspot Compendium (50 B&W Photos)


The definitive UFO hunter's bucket list of legendary and active UFO and alien hotspots in North America. Based on first-hand information gleaned from MUFON’s trained investigators and researchers, interviews with people who have had extraordinary UFO experiences, and the author’s travel to many of the locations, this book is a guided tour of 35 of the most remarkable UFO-related sites and everything you need to know about them.

Included are MUFON’s top 25 places known for the most UFO sightings and activity, alien kitsch sites, locations that have the added benefit of sacred retreats, and places you might not want to visit but should know about. From the Skinwalker Ranch to Area 51 to Joshua Tree, The UFO Hotspot Compendium will be a hit with true believers, the mildly curious, and those intrigued by all things off-planet. Experience the wonder and terror of alien abduction, a spaceship crash, or a UFO sighting from the safety of your own home.