Dreamweaver Bamboo Kimono Duster Robe with Zodiac Signs


A regal, resplendent celebration of the stories told in the stars, featuring the iconic 1896 Zodiac lithograph by Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. Mucha’s beloved work features a majestic woman surrounded by the 12 zodiac signs and adorned in intricate celestial jewelry. A large star has been added to her remarkable crown. The background comes from an ink-on-silk scroll painting by Ueno Setsugaku, created in the 1860s. The trim design features Mucha’s zodiac signs on a deep burgundy background. The result is an opulent and elegant take on Mucha’s work, with a nod to the luxe bohemianism of the 1970s. Includes removable belt.

The kimono is made from 100% bamboo/wood viscose. Approximate measurements are 118cm in length, 78 cm in width. The model is 5’9” for reference.