Sile V Neck Caftan Dress



This adorable summer dress is cross-stitched by women in Denizli, Turkey. The comfortable and stylish outfit is hand-loomed from 100% cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand by Sile Women Community Center in the small town of Sile in Turkey. This natural process gives the fabric durability and a unique soft texture. The gauzy Sile fabric breathes, touches the skin lightly, and is naturally hygienic. One size fits all. Measures 25" W x 49" L.

Social Impact

All pieces are delicately crafted from unique, natural fabrics that are hand-loomed in small cooperatives in different regions of Turkey, reflecting traditions that have been passed down for generations. A socially responsible business, is committed to bridging rich Turkish artisanal traditions and ethical, time-honored processes with modern living. They are long-term partners with local artisans, women-led businesses, and family enterprises and conduct their business following principles of fair, direct trade.